July 5 – August 6: Hilda Bordianu & Donna Wallace
Hilda Bordianu’s romantic paintings  and expressive hand built sculptural forms with their carefully tuned fissures and edges are a delightful blending of abstract and realism.
Donna Wallace presents “Jeweled Forest”. In this multi-faceted series, Donna explores the combination of layers, bright patterns and graphic elements to create playful scenes of nature

June through September, Bronze Sculptures by CJ Peltz
CJ Peltz will have his bronze sculptures showing throughout the gallery from June through September. His works blend the traditional with contemporary design, integrating representational figures with unconventional abstract settings, which makes his work unique and not easily categorized in typical figurative and abstract classifications.

Looking Forward:

August 8 – September 2: Irena Jablonski & Rachel Muller
Rachel Muller presents “Amazing Birds” which will include both her paintings and sculptures of birds from around the world.
Irena Jablonski will show a collection of traditional art meant to stir the psyche of the viewer .Her paintings are purely impressionist or influenced by the American post-impressionism or just classical realistic.

September 5 – October 1: National Juried SmartArt Exhibition

October 3 – November 5: Amanda Schuster & Arlene Kettering

November 7 – December 3: Henk Dawson & Kimberly Adams

December 5 – 31: National Juried Small Works Show

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