Ian Griswold

Ian Griswold

Ian Griswold loves art! His preferred mediums are oil and pastel which he uses to produce interesting portraits and unique scenes flavored by the world of nature. Recently new to the world of painting, he is mostly self-taught and is continually seeking to improve his artistic skills.

He has long been an avid fan of European art and is especially inspired by the French impressionists. His passion for art is expressed in his paintings, some of which are created with soft palettes, while others display his love of vivid color.

Creative by nature, Ian likes experimenting with various processes and techniques that result in a modern approach to his art. He also loves working with wood and examples of his fine craftsmanship can be seen in the frames he constructs that surround his artwork.

He especially enjoys forming a personal connection with those who buy his paintings, and his goal is to create lasting value that will continue to bring joy to those who see his art.

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